iPod freebie: King Of Tennis

Come on, Scottish Tim!

Doubtless to commemorate the Wimbledon quarter-final appearance of Britain's Andy Murray from Britain, neo-retro microgamesmiths Poppy have made King Of Tennis free for this week.

Like their other titles, it's a crazily simple game that somehow manages to be more challenging than it has any right to be. Your only task is to keep the King looking the right way (by tapping anywhere on screen to turn his head) as the tennis ball flies from side to side. The only danger is the ball hitting the net when the natural rhythm of the game has you already switching your view in anticipation, but it's amazing how hard it is to not do exactly that.

(To avoid this, you can try reacting not to the ball but to the crowd, who only turn their heads when the ball is safely over the net, but it's really hard to remain focused on them and not be distracted by the ball.)

I love all of Poppy's games, but this one is even more hypnotic than Hotdog Panic. Which if you weren't sure, is definitely a recommendation.

Remember, if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch yet with which to enjoy the now-est gaming of the modern zeitgeist, you can still grab the games anyway with iTunes while they’re free, and upload them to your iPod when you get one.

And if you’re ready to join in the fun, you can do it at a giveaway price by subscribing to WoS, where subscribers learn how to pick up a brand-new 32GB 3rd-gen iPod Touch for just £6 – no strings, no contracts, no referrals, no getting other people do do anything, just a fun bit of exploiting capitalism for half-an-hour’s effort.


2 Responses to “iPod freebie: King Of Tennis”

  1. Irish Al Says:

    Now, now. We all know he's British unless he doesn't bow to the Queen at which point he will revert to Scottish.

  2. Fail for not having Serena Williams playing on the field. Other than that, i'm curious.

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