The best thing to ever happen to gaming

And possibly the entire internet. And most assuredly the only time I'll ever say anything like that relating in any way to World Of Warcraft.

Also: blimey, that's fast service.


21 Responses to “The best thing to ever happen to gaming”

  1. Marc Forrester Says:

    Hmm.  Right there in the article:
    Mr Brand said that one Blizzard employee posted his real name on the forums, saying that there was no risk to users, and the experiment went drastically wrong.
    "Within five minutes, users had got hold of his telephone number, home address, photographs of him and a ton of other information," said Mr Brand
    The post and topic has since been removed from the Blizzard forum.
    For a stand-alone forum, fine.  For a forum linked to characters in an MMO?  Gonna get some of their players hospitalised.

    • “Gonna get some of their players hospitalised.”

      Rubbish. I’ve been writing stuff and posting stuff on forums under my own name for 20 years, much of it somewhat contentious. I’ve even had some shitty little fuckers post my home address. If anyone was going to get knifed by a cyber-stalker it was me, but I haven’t had so much as a rude word in the street. Anonymous internet cowards are just that – cowards. As soon as they have to stick their head above the parapet to call someone a “nigger faggot”, watch them suddenly go all shy.

  2. I assume there's an answer to this somewhere but what if there are 2 "Stuart Campbell" on WoW? What does the 2nd one get as a posting name?

  3. Irish Al Says:

    I foresee lawsuits in the US over this.

  4. Well, let's be fair, there are lawsuits in the US over people wearing clashing jumpers and shoes.

  5. A post, by Vameras – one of the site community managers – said that the forums had become " a place where flame wars, trolling and other unpleasantness run wild".
    Well, duh!

  6. Beautiful.

    Anything that forces some pleasantry and feeling of consequences has to be good. The troll has enjoyed these easy times for too long.

  7. Nigger Faggot Says:

    People always whine about trolling and meaness on the internet, but what they usually mean is “someone in the world said something I didn’t like/unreasonably and dogmatically refused to admit that I’m right – when will the madness end!”.

    The problem with forums isn’t that they “incite rude behaviour” but that they permit a form of honest and open communication which normal social interaction doesn’t prepare most people for, since it’s extremely rare that you’re forced to open your mouth and try to socialise without already knowing what your audience do and do not want to hear.

    I think forums are great – they’re pretty much the *only* place you can have a dialogue where someone will actually communicate without being able to auto-censor it based on their audience’s facial expressions. I think the occasional suicide threat when someone loses their dummy is a small price to pay.


  8. That's a VERY rose-tinted view of forums. But why does having to put your name on something make you less honest? If you can only be "honest" while hiding behind a fake name, that's a pretty weird form of honesty.

  9. Honestly, why is all the fuzz about? That you require to put your real name? I don't think it's wrong. It's not like they're asking to put your credit card number on it. I bet if you search for your full name on the Internet it'll pop up somewhere, so big deal.
    Are we protected by being "anonymous"? Not really. We feel "safe" because we want to feel that way, when our "opinions" go against what is called "correct". I've seen a lot of time that about "anonymous is legion", but rarely see "anonymous" doing something in favor of good causes. It's used most of the time to bash and criticize those who are against the way they think. Of course, not every anonymous is that way… but is easy to generalize when someone lacks a name.

  10. Nigger Faggot Says:

    Or a shit-tinted view of human nature. It’s not that I think people are necessarily more honest when anonymous, I just don’t think people are any less petty, offensive and childish when posting under their own name. I’ve pretty much always posted under my own name and people frequently scream, swear and shout troll whenever I maliciously refuse to admit that they’re right.

    I’m not arguing that you’ll have more ‘honest’ discourse when you’re anonymous, I’m just unconvinced that you’ll have less pettiness and upset if people are made to post under their own names. Unless those people feel – rightly or wrongly – that their might be negative off-forum consequences for expressing their tiny minds. It’s not something I’ve ever worried about – but then most of the forums I’ve enraged people on involved people who would, potentially, have an occasional opportunity to find me and punch me in the face.

    So I think it’s a pointless and needless reduction in liberty which I’m happy to see opposed, if only to raise the bar on the amount of effort people should put in to make a case for forcing these sorts of things on users.


  11. irish Al Says:

    Yes, if your name is Spodo Komodo or something then an internet search might nail you down but if it's John Smith then it might lead to an innocent being on the receiving end of nastiness.

  12. Spodo Komodo Says:

    Leave me out of it!

  13. Dr Octagon Says:

    Im struggleing to find me. Mind you Im not on the electorial roll any more.

  14. …And Blizzard have backed down.

  15. Yes, absolutely.

  16. How shall i pay you my 99 cents ?

  17. Nigger Faggot Says:

    I guess they wouldn’t be minority opinions if they were worth hearing.

  18. Permission to add Darius Burst to my WoW friends list please?

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