My First App


If you ever find yourself hosting a poker game, and you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch, why not make your life a lot easier with Ultimate Poker Timer?

As someone who does host poker games on a fairly regular basis, I was very disappointed with the various Tournament Director (TD) utilities available on the App Store at a variety of prices. Every single one had at least one major flaw or omission that made it effectively useless for even the pretty straightforward games we play.

(For example, even among the better efforts more than one didn't allow for simple basic functions like blind levels of different lengths, while others didn't allow you to have more than 10,000 starting chips. Some quite expensive ones, astonishingly – and that one was a startling £12 at the time rather than the still-steep current £6 – didn't even allow you to design your own blind structure at all, forcing you to use one of an inadequate few presets. Several wouldn't allow games of more than 12 players, and so on.)

So long story short, I designed a better one all by myself like a big boy, and got the splendid Madgarden (creators of the rather fantastic Sword Of Fargoal and the accomplished Choplifter derivative Saucelifter) to code it. We borrowed some nice graphics from (who sponsor the group I play and host in) to sex it up a bit, tested it out in the live poker environment to make sure it was as excellent as could be, and now you can have it for free.

(Be quick, though, as it's likely to cost money at some point in the near future.)

That's about it, really. I'm really chuffed with it – I think it's easily the best poker TD app in the Store, free or paid. If you ever play poker at home, check it out (and feel free to offer feedback on how we can make it even better). Next stop: a million-selling game. Stand by for further bulletins.


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