America vs Britain

I don't know why these two things work so well one after the other, but they do. I hope one day to be watching this TV channel.

(Respective words up to Juxtapixel and Mr. M. Dale)


7 Responses to “America vs Britain”

  1. Yeah, Terrell's video is unbelievable. I linked to it on my blog yesterday, confident the whole thing would suffice but now contrasting with that second video… It's mindblowing.

  2. That advert is bonkers. Note also that he has the exact same smirk as Bush.

  3. Left speechless by that. Poe's Law in action again.

  4. Marios Richards Says:

    I like the way, as adverts represent smaller and smaller firms with smaller and smaller catchment areas, it becomes so small and personal that it becomes natural to mention your religious sentiments and your feelings about where the nation is going. It's almost like public radio.
    I note (with disquiet) that there's no "Quote 9 Corinthians when you order for a 10% discount".

  5. Wow, just wow.
    Lest you get too smug, remember there are still a few punks left in the USA.
    Don't know about the number of fundamentalists in the UK though … I think they all fled the British Empire centuries ago.

  6. Irish Al Says:

    I think it was a letter in Viz where a reader joked to the effect that they liked seeing the little Christian fish symbol beside plumbers in the phone book, as it let them know that the plumber would not only turn up late and charge twice as much as quoted, but that they'd believe in fucking fairies as well.

  7. "Left speechless by that. Poe's Law in action again"
    Aye second that

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