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Exciting Benchmark Reviews update #4

Posted in chairs, investigative journalism, stupidity on July 24, 2010 by RevStu

WoSblog apologises for any inconvenience caused to would-be viewers this afternoon, when for several hours visitors to the site were confronted with the image below.

The blog’s suspension for much of yesterday was the result of yet another desperately stupid attempt by Olin Coles, brainless and cowardly owner of the discredited “review” site Benchmark Reviews, to suppress the evidence of his site’s dishonest practices.

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Exciting Benchmark Reviews update #2

Posted in awesomeness, chairs, stupidity on July 22, 2010 by RevStu

Ooh, this gets better and better. Viewers who’ve been following the thrilling story as it develops will recall the eerie similarity between the content of the Benchmarks Review feature on the Herman Miller Embody chair, and the advertising blurb for it on the site of retailer Smart Furniture.

We were a little curious about this, bearing in mind site owner Olin Coles’ strident assertion that, apart from the belatedly-acknowledged passages copied from Herman Miller’s press release, “the remaining 99.9% of the article is a fully independent review of a self-purchased product.”

(Actually it’s the remaining 93.6%, but let’s not quibble.)

So inestimable Friend Of WoSblog John X dropped Smart Furniture a line.

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Exciting Benchmark Reviews update!

Posted in chairs, stupidity on July 22, 2010 by RevStu

Wow. I got home from a poker game in the early hours of this morning, and idly wondered if busted shill/”executive editor” Olin Coles might have replied to my polite request for his side of the story with regard to his hopelessly dishonest excuse for a website. What I found was that Mr Coles had instead chosen to post on the Benchmark Reviews forum, in a thread entitled “Forever banned: Hall of Shame“. The thread describes itself thus:

“Like any writer, our work comes under fire from time to time. Most of the criticism is taken to heart and used to improve future work, but occasionally the critic can go overboard and begin making personal threats and accusations. This thread is intended to show our visitors that their accusations and threats do not remain anonymous.”

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The most retarded 'serious' journalism ever

Posted in stupidity, things of all time on June 29, 2010 by RevStu

Can be found here.

I wouldn't call myself a fan of the Daily Telegraph by some way, but I've never seen it sink quite this low. And I speak as someone who doesn't give a donkey's danglers about global warming.

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How to install iOS4 in (just) under 75 hours

Posted in iPod, stupidity on June 24, 2010 by RevStu

1. Delete AppSniper.

That's saved you the first 50 hours of failure, at least.

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Shut up, cretins everywhere

Posted in Football, stupidity on June 20, 2010 by RevStu

Point 1: Kaka clearly, obviously, makes an active short jabbing motion with his elbow towards Keita's chest.

Watch the video by clicking the pic above and then clicking the "RED CARD" clip, particularly from 0.36 to 0.38. Watch Kaka's arm. I think the mistake people have been making so far is to watch the footage with their eyes closed and their brains replaced with a turnip.

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Everyone in Britain is a moron

Posted in politics, stupidity on May 7, 2010 by RevStu

I haven't been to bed yet. I may be cranky. But with over 90% of results in, it's not really possible to draw any conclusions from last night's election other than (a) almost everyone in Britain is a pathetic, brainless cretin, and (b) everything about our "democracy" is a sick black joke at our expense.

Let's take it step by step, shall we?

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