The 50 best (permanent) iPod freebies

Posted in Free stuff, Games, iPod on July 14, 2010 by RevStu

Regular viewers of WoSblog will know that there are dozens of temporary promotions every day on the App Store in which games which normally cost money temporarily go free. But we're not going to talk about those today.

Because there are also thousands of games which are always free. We're NOT talking about Lite versions or limited demos, but full complete games which, for one reason or another, their developers have decided to make free – WITHOUT stuffing them full of irritating AdMob adverts. (Unless specifically mentioned, all these games are totally ad-free.)

Here, then, in no particular order, are 50 of the best. If you've just bought an iPod Touch or an iPhone or an iPad, start here.

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Stu's World Cup Diary and Gallery 2010

Posted in Football on July 12, 2010 by RevStu

Well, that's that, then. The lowest-scoring World Cup of the modern era is won by the lowest-scoring team to ever lift the trophy. Spain's tactic of boring the opposition into submission by spending 80% of their time rolling the ball back and forth along the halfway line paid off and they became champions of the world by scoring a miserable EIGHT goals in seven games.

(By comparison, Brazil's victorious 2002 side managed to find the net 18 times in the same number of matches.)

A grim final featuring a record 13 bookings and – amazingly – only one sending-off for a brutal, ugly Netherlands side put a judge's black cap on the tournament, but it wasn't all bad. Here's my diary.

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My First App

Posted in Free stuff, iPod on July 11, 2010 by RevStu


If you ever find yourself hosting a poker game, and you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch, why not make your life a lot easier with Ultimate Poker Timer?

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Vorsprung Durch Volkes Freispielen

Posted in Free stuff, Games, iPod on July 10, 2010 by RevStu

(I don't speak German, okay?)

Especially alert viewers may recall two weeks ago, when WoSblog lavished praise on the rather lovely free time-trial racer You Cruise By Mazda MX-5. Man, those were the days, eh? But imagine my surprise this week when I stumbled into what appeared to be exactly the same game again.

And as it turned out, that was only the start.

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It's International WoSblog DAY OF FURY!

Posted in Free stuff, Games, iPod on July 9, 2010 by RevStu

I had a really irritating day yesterday, for personal and wholly trivial reasons that we don't need to go into here.

By fortuitous chance, however, the App Store stepped in with three rather fine anger-themed games, which helped me vent all my BOILING RAGE without murdering very many people, or spending any money.

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The best thing to ever happen to gaming

Posted in awesomeness, Games, things of all time on July 7, 2010 by RevStu

And possibly the entire internet. And most assuredly the only time I'll ever say anything like that relating in any way to World Of Warcraft.

Also: blimey, that's fast service.

iPod bargain of the day

Posted in bargains, Games, iPod on July 6, 2010 by RevStu

…is Meteor Blitz. Normally £1.79, today you can grab it for just 59p. And you should totally do that.

It's basically an unashamed tribute to the wonderful Super Stardust HD on PSN, and plays very similarly, with multiple upgradeable weapon paths and lots and lots of asteroids and space baddies. Control is very well thought-out, and while it could perhaps be a little tougher, even if you only play through it once it's a snip at the price. (And most people like their games a bit easier than I do anyway.) One from the top drawer.